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Eastern Indiana Works is dedicated to providing the most in-demand job information to the community. The Emerging Opportunities Packet was created to display the top occupations in Region 6.


Eastern Indiana Works is provided with a quarterly Labor Report from Department of Workforce Development to display the most up to date information for Region 6 in Indiana including Industry Sector Snapshots, Labor Market Review, Occupational Employment and Wage Report, Real Time Job Demand, and Unemployment Insurance Claimant Pool Analysis.


Eastern Indiana Works strives to meet and exceed all goals set forth for our workforce programming. We aim to serve individuals through their career paths. Our Performance Data displays the number of individuals served throughout the previous quarter in our Wagner Peyser and Workforce Innovation Opportunity Act programming.


Eastern Indiana Works’ Sector Pathways focus on delivering resources with career projections, pay rates, and education requirement for our 6 focus sectors including Advanced & Additive Manufacturing, Agri-business, Healthcare, Information Technology, Logistics & Warehousing, and Specialty & Primary Food Processing.

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