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Eastern Indiana Works


Eastern Indiana Works (EIW)

has the services & resources available

to help develop the workforce in the

Nine County Region we serve.


With assistance in education, training, and various other support services, we're ready to connect employers with the skilled workers they are looking for!

The Eastern Indiana Works Way

The Eastern Indiana Works Way outlines the principles and values that EIW, and all EIW Team Members, carry through our operations to ensure we are a community-first organization.

  • Govern Yourself

  • Pursue Wisdom

  • Listen Well

  • Think Deeply

  • Serve Sacrificially

  • Learn from Failure

  • Persevere





Eastern Indiana Works (EIW) provides strategic leadership, oversight, and content delivery to Economic Growth Region 6 (EGR6).

EGR6 has been structured by the Governor of Indiana in accordance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA). EIW helps those seeking employment with education, training, and support services that are needed to help connect employers with skilled workers.

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