Eastern Indiana Works (EIW) provides strategic leadership, oversight, and content delivery to Economic Growth Region 6 (EGR6).

EGR6 has been structured by the Governor of Indiana in accordance with the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014 (WIOA). EIW helps those seeking employment with education, training, and support services that are needed to help connect employers with skilled workers.

EIW is designated by the Economic Growth Region 6 Chief Elected Officials Executive Council to serve as the Eastern Indiana Workforce Development Board.


Region 6 includes the counties of:

- Blackford

- Delaware

- Fayette

- Henry

- Jay

- Randolph

- Rush

- Union

- Wayne


Mike Row

President & Chief Executive Officer

Prior to serving at EIW, Mike served in law enforcement, higher education, economic development, and manufacturing.  During his career, Mike has been blessed to learn from a wide array of renowned, multi-sector leaders during successful economic and workforce development projects that have resulted in over $1 billion in new capital investment and the creation/retention of thousands of jobs in the Northeast and Eastern Indiana Regions.

‘The vision of the Board of Directors of Eastern Indiana Works and Regional Chief Local Elected Officials is what attracted me to this position: To develop a sustainable, cross-functional, highly collaborative, data-driven incubator of high-level workforce strategies that provide empirically proven solutions. This positions our region to provide the unique value-adds that are necessary to compete successfully in the ever-changing, ultra-competitive global economy. I remain ever-grateful to the humble, exceptionally talented professionals of the Eastern Indiana Works Team who daily pursue the EIW Board’s vision with a passion for serving others sacrificially.’

Stephanie Clawson

 VP of Strategic Initiatives

Stephanie came to Eastern Indiana Works back in 2016 with experience in many different career fields. She brought with her a drive and commitment to help the people in her community reach and exceed their goals.


Loving wife, proud mother to 7 (including identical triplets), excited grandmother, lover of dogs – Stephanie can be found enjoying time with her crew, exploring strange community attractions, and living the lake life… but never playing monopoly.

‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works because I have always enjoyed helping people. I like to give others hope and show kindness. Working at EIW allows me to pursue that passion for helping others.’

Becca Jennings

Associate Director of Strategic Initiatives

Every day, Becca channels her desire to make a difference, and passion for helping her community, into her work at EIW. Working to seek out and provide valuable opportunities to the people in the 9 counties we serve, she is always looking to learn about the world.

Being a proud life long learner both on and off the clock, Becca enjoys exploring new places, reading, and spending quality time with the people in her life.

‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works to make a difference in the community through promoting new opportunities for individuals and businesses!’

Keri Whalen

Manager of Communications

Keri is a Ball State Graduate who received her B.A. in Public Relations (conc. Event Management; min. German) in 2019. With experience in marketing, customer service, and digital media, she is hoping to help EIW provide opportunity to those who we are dedicated to serve.

Self-proclaimed Gossip Girl expert, wannabe hiker, shark lover; above all, proud dog mom. Outside of work, she can be found spending time with her dog or playing video games with her friends.

'I joined Eastern Indiana Works because it's hard to feel like you're making a difference in the world when you're just one person. But it's easier to feel good about what you're doing when you are a part of something bigger.'

Gus Linde

Executive VP of Workforce Strategies

Having a strong passion for service, Gus joined the EIW team with over 25 years of operational experience, to continue serving his community every step of the way from the employer to the job seeker.

A lover of cars, baseball (GO RED SOX!!), and camping; Gus can be found enjoying family time with his wife, his 3 kids, and his 3 dogs.


‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works because I have a passion for service. Service to the community, employer, and jobseeker needs. The variables to the needs continually change, thus we perpetually are planning, convening, and implementing new solutions.’

Wayne Williams

Sr. Director of Employer Engagement / One Stop Operator

Wayne came to the EIW family in 2018. Rapidly demonstrating success in his role, he was promoted to his current position where he holds the titles of ‘Sr. Director of Employer Engagement’ and ‘One-Stop Operator.’

He enjoys helping people all over the world achieve their professional goals through Workforce TikTok. In addition to being our resident TikTok star, Wayne enjoys coaching youth baseball, attending rap & hip hop concerts, and is a self-proclaimed beer connoisseur.

TikTok: @waynewillmadeit

‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works for the same reasons I have stayed – I feel respected, valued, and integral to the success we have in Eastern Indiana.’

Gabby Davis

Business Services Manager

Inquisitive and driven, Gabby came to us excited to help those in her community achieve their goals and meet their version of success.

Outside of work, you can find Gabby hiking, woodworking, and travelling.

‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works because I have a passion for helping other people succeed and achieve their goals. I enjoy discovering the inner workings of any business I walk into, getting to know the people who work there, and watching each of them grow their dream.’

We're Hiring!!

Business Services Manager

If you have a passion for helping those in your community and spending time doing community outreach & programming, this may be the job for you! 

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Robin Douthitt

Sr. Director of Operations

Robin has moved through the ranks with Eastern Indiana Works! Quickly proving successful at her work, she moved through the ranks holding the positions of JAG operator, Youth Director, Grant Director, and her current position of Senior Director of Workforce Operations.

A proud parent and wife, she enjoys gardening and spending time with her dogs!

‘I joined EIW because our services improve the lives of people in our community. If you want to change the world, you need to know how the world works. I'm dedicated to addressing inequalities and obstacles that prevent people from opportunities to flourish. EIW is building the future workforce and I want to play a part in that mission.’

Jessica Masters

Jessica is widely experienced in marketing, process organization, customer service, and workforce development. As a Muncie native, she joined EIW to make a difference in her community through helping people.

Off the clock, she can be found baking, decorating cakes, and mowing yards with her husband, Bryce.

‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works to help make a difference in the community, even if it is behind the scenes.

McKennzie Beckedahl

Workforce Initiatives Manager

Holding prior experience with our JAG program, we were proud to bring McKennzie to EIW as a Workforce Initiatives Manager. With a natural inclination to consider the needs of others, she is driven to help the people in her community succeed.

Always busy with her 5 children, she can always be found enjoying time with her family whether it be spending time outdoors, working on home-improvement projects, or watching her kids’ sporting events.

‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works because I have a heart to help others, so the mission of EIW aligns with my personal and professional values.

James Jack

Workforce Initiatives Manager

Creative and family oriented, James connected with Eastern Indiana Works to continue using his skills and passions to help develop the workforce in his community.

Normally found spending time with his family, he also enjoys illustration, graphic design, reading, art, and music. A fun fact about James, is that he is a tap dancer!

‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works because I have worked for a community based organization in the past and got to see first hand how my role and work made a positive impact in peoples lives. This was meaningful and drove me to look for another opportunity where I could help drive value to people in my community.’

Workforce Initiatives Manager

Lyndsey Hellems

Executive VP of Administration

Lyndsey started her career in Workforce Development as a WorkOne state manager in Muncie. From there she grew into her current position as the Executive Vice President of Administration.

Not only do we keep Lyndsey busy at EIW, she is a proud mother of three amazing boys who keep her and her husband extremely busy with their sporting events. When she’s not in the office, she can be found spending time with her friends and family, or involved with her childrens’ sports teams.

‘I joined EIW because of the company atmosphere and growth encouragement!’

Shauna Jester

Sr. Director of Fiscal Services

Shauna has over 10 years of experience in the financial sector of Workforce Development. After working for 5 years with the Department of Workforce Development and WorkOne, she joined Eastern Indiana Works as the Senior Director of Fiscal Services.

With 7 children, 15 cows, 6 goats, 5 chickens, 2 bunnies, 2 dogs, over 130 sheep AND a career as a Warrant Officer in the Indiana Army National, Shauna keeps busy both in and out of the office.

‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works because I completed my degree in Organizational Leadership and wanted a professional career where I could grow, and with a business that is family oriented.’

Alana Stadelmayer

Manager of Administration & Equal Opportunity

Having over 20 years of experience in workforce development doing HR, Payroll, and Finance… Eastern Indiana Works was excited to bring Alana onto our team as our Manager of Administration, as well as our Equal Opportunity Officer!

Alana keeps herself busy with her family and her daughter’s gymnastics schedules! She also enjoys quilting and spending time with her fur babies.

‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works because I see my work as a way to contribute to an exciting and forward moving type of company.’

Kimberly Jarrett

Contract Manager & Accounts Receivable

Our resident number & math lover, Kim is our Contract Manager & Accounts Receivable. She came to EIW with years of experience in finance and customer service.

Outside of work, Kim can be found reading, baking, watching football, and camping with her family.

‘I joined Eastern Indiana Works because I was looking to leave the corporate world and find a more community/family oriented business to be a part of. I definitely found this within Eastern Indiana Works.’