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Retention & Recruitment

A good team is an investment & a labor of love... Eastern Indiana Works' Business Services Team works hard to keep up with the trends! We stay well in-the-know about what Job Seekers are looking for & how to speak their language. Learning about how to connect best with Job Seekers in your area can help employers to understand how to best serve your employees & encourage loyalty from your team. 


Eastern Indiana Works encourages all employers to support & invest in their employees' futures - Allow us to help!



  • Investing in your current employees is beneficial for a wide variety of reasons, but we understand that investing requires resources... Luckily, we can help with that!

  • Through our Employer Training Grant, we may be able to help you build your employees up. Whether that be through getting your team up to date with the newest trainings, or providing the flexibility you need in cross-departmental training.

  • Eastern Indiana Works supports employer growth by serving incumbent workers through training opportunities & career coaching.


All Eastern Indiana Works funded services may be limited based on availability per quarter.

Please reach out directly to our Employer Engagement Team to learn more about eligibility and availability!

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Eastern Indiana Works has a wide range of tools to help you fill your team with skilled workers!


  • Get involved with Eastern Indiana Works job fairs or host your own! We will help with every step from planning & hosting to advertising & event execution.



 Connect with our Employer Engagement team to discuss you goals in depth and allow to create the custom service you need to help you get your destination.

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