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Resume Building

A resume is typically an employers' first impression of each candidate they consider hiring for a position.

Allow Eastern Indiana Works Career Coaches & Certified Resume Writers help you put your best foot forward!

Career Matching

Not sure what's next in your journey? Eastern Indiana Works can help with that!

We have access to a wide range of career assessments to help you figure out where to go from here.

Once you decide which direction to move, EIW has a wide partnership network to help connect you with the training, education, and employers you need to succeed!

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We have access to many career development workshops available at no cost through our partnership with Shafer Leadership Academy!

We would be happy to provide you entry to any number of these workshops in person or virtually.

Career Fairs & Direct Referrals

Take advantage of our wide partner network! We have connections to employers within each of the nine-counties we serve.

Let us make the introduction!

Don't see what you're looking for?

NO WORRIES! Eastern Indiana Works has got your back.

Connect with one of our skilled career coaches to discuss your goals in depth and allow us to create the custom service plan you need to help you get to your destination! 

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