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Exploration Into Work is geared toward providing school age students with the opportunity to explore the wide variety of career fields that exist within our region.

The event is set up to be interactive & hands-on to really give the students a snapshot of what different career paths look like, which paths interest them, and how they can get started!


The Event



Exploration Into Work engages EIW employer partners from in-demand career sectors to be featured at events and get the opportunity to spend some time with current in-school students at schools in the nine-counties we serve!

  • Healthcare

  • Information Technology

  • Agri-Business

  • Transportation & Warehousing

  • Speciality & Primary Food  Processing

  • Advanced & Additive Manufacturing

Exploration Into Work directly targets Middle & High School aged students!

The event is intended to allow these students to explore different career interests & get an inside look at what they can expect. Our goal is to grow the outlook of tomorrow's workforce & create informed & passionate job seekers.

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The Students


Join the fun - Everyone is welcome to attend Exploration Into Work events!

Any Questions? Reach out below or take a look at our


We have designed this event to include hands on activities that our students can engage in to form a connection directly to the employer. While we absolutely encourage employers to have informative conversations and provide take-home flyers for students, we also love to see an activity that students can partake in to experience parts of the job.

Memorable booths from past events have included:

  • Phlebotomy - Faux blood draw simulation with a take home vial of colored water

  • Brick Laying - Students got the opportunity to physically lay & set a brick with mortar

  • Remote Control Cars/Forklifts - Students utilized RC Cars & RC Forklifts to race move miniature pallets

  • Prize Wheels & Quizzes - Employers engaged students by offering the opportunity to win a prize for answering a question related to the employer

How do you define 'interactive' in terms of this event?

What materials are provided to employers?

Eastern Indiana Works will work in collaboration with our host location to provide all REGISTERED employers with the following:

  • ONE (1) Table

  • TWO (2) Chairs

  • Lunch for all REGISTERED employer representatives who attend for this event


  • Additional tables or chairs MAY be provided upon request, and will be distributed on a first come first served basis based on availability.

  • Eastern Indiana Works will acquire the materials listed above based on the number of REGISTERED ATTENDEES. If you do not register, we cannot guarantee reserved materials or booth space.

  • Please communicate the # of employer representatives attending and any dietary restrictions or limitations to Eastern Indiana Works prior to the event. We will provide lunch to all REGISTERED ATTENDEES.

How many students should we plan for?

YES! Event setup will occur either the afternoon before the event or the hour before the event begins day-of.


  • All scheduling will be dependent on our host venue's schedule. Eastern Indiana Works will reach out to all REGISTERED ATTENDEES with set-up information prior to the event.

Can we set up before the event starts?

The number of student attendees may vary based on county - An Eastern Indiana Works event coordinator will reach out prior to the event with an estimated headcount.


  • Previous events have had an attendee count between 200-500 students. Eastern Indiana Works invites every Middle & High School (Grades 8-12) within the county to the event, however the age range of students in attendance is determined by the schools individually based on their academic scheduling.


Eastern Indiana Works put together a short video to help introduce our Exploration Into Work Event Series a little more in depth! 

Please reach out with any additional questions, we would be happy to discuss your involvement in our event with you further!

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