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CNC Operator

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Wayne County

About the Role

-Run machining lines.
-Reads blueprints of customers’ products for gauging and conducts inspections to ensure quality products are produced.
-Keeps machinery running properly including set up, tooling changes, work piece placement, offsets, and ensuring each line is responsible for product ID and traceability.
-Verifies tool condition and replace tooling as tools reach end of life, accurately take tool geometry and properly input them into machining conditions.
-Diagnose and rectify tooling problems and machine malfunctions as necessary.
-Follows work instructions, procedures and policies of the Integrated Management System and company requirements.
-Report daily production results to ensure each line is responsible for product ID and traceability.
-Maintains equipment by verifying and maintaining proper coolant and oil levels and removing chips as necessary.
-Identifies, removes and replaces dull cutting tools or broken tools.
-Conducts quality checks on the line, identifies defective parts and ensures parts meet customers’ specifications.


About the Company

TBK America, Inc

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